Finding Your Workout Style


Do you loathe the gym? Are you a self-confessed adrenaline junkie? Or do you enjoy the calm and solace after a long, solo run?

Certain aspects of your personality are the keys to defining your workout style. Making sure that exercise jives with your personality traits is crucial in developing a consistent workout routine.

Staying motivated is half the battle; finding things you enjoy will help you stay on track. For me, it had always been competing in a professional sport; therefore, I have a naturally competitive personality. I find that setting a goal, such as signing up for a triathlon or a mountain bike race helps me to focus and stay on track in my training in all areas. If you’re competitive by nature, go for things, such as, basketball or racquetball; sign up for a local race train for a half marathon or marathon or, perhaps, a triathlon is more your style. Who knows? Maybe you could check competing in an Iron Man; I know that’s on my bucket list!

You may be more contemplative and conscious when it comes to making decisions, but these types of personality traits would be more in tune with the tranquility that yoga provides, or you may find that you have a connection with outdoor running.

If you play well with others, perhaps you would be more suited to the camaraderie that the group exercise class environment provides. Cross Fit is also known for its social atmosphere and challenging workouts.

Last on the list is the thrill seekers the adventurers at heart, possibly the most difficult personality trait of all when it comes to exercise. The adventurous spirit is always looking for new ways to have fun, making it hard to find consistency. The key here is to find something that challenges you that you enjoy doing at the same time. This requires thinking outside the box when it comes to exercise, such as cross country mountain bike racing, dirt bike riding, and stand up paddle boarding to name a few.

The moral of the story is that discovering your workout style is important. Choosing an exercise that “fits” your personality will more easily make it a consistent part of your lifestyle, hence providing better results in the long run.

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