Turn Up the Burn

Supercharge your workout with these calorie-burning moves. These challenging body weight exercises can be real game changers that keep your metabolism firing all day while building lean muscle.

To be most beneficial, it is best to give it a maximum effort for a short period. You can choose one or two exercises, or try many mixed in with your regular workout. Follow the directions below.


Speed skaters are a great plyometric move providing an awesome burn, plus it warms up the entire posterior chain, making it an excellent choice for runners. This also targets all parts of the legs and challenges ankle stability. For an added challenge, try it Tabata style: eight reps of 20 sec on and 10 sec rest.

Master It

  1. Take your right leg back behind your left leg as you move your left knee into a semi-squat position.
  2. Reach your left arm out to the side, and swing your right arm across your hips. Hop to the right, changing the position of your legs and arms. That’s one repetition.
  3. Continue hopping from side to side without stopping or changing your feet until you reach 20 repetitions.

PLYO PUSHUPtorqf1tbw-7

The good old push-up still remains one of the most beneficial exercises out there. It focuses on your chest and triceps, and it doesn’t hurt the old abs if you are doing it correctly. Plyo push-ups require more strength and explosive power; they are sure to get your heart racing. They are not for the beginner. Make sure you can do ten strong push-ups first, then you may progress to trying plyo push-ups on a wall. Once you have mastered the technique here, you are ready for the real deal.

Master It

  1. Start in the plank position, hands under shoulders.
  2. Lower your body towards the floor, bending your arms and keeping them close to your sides.
  3. Forcefully press your hands to accelerate them off the floor, keeping your lower back and neck steady. Clap if you can.
  4. Catch yourself on the way down with a soft bend in your arms but without letting your body fall to the floor.

THE BURPEEtorqf1tbw-26

The very word makes people cringe at the gym, and no muscle is left untended in this move. This full-body, heart-pounding exercise will be sure to get those calories burning!

Master It

  1. Start standing, then crouch down and place hands on the floor. Bounce feet backward to plank position, keeping abs nice and tight, not letting lower back sag. Bounce feet back toward hands, then jump as high as possible towards the sky.
  2. Optional push-up
  3. Recommended three sets of 10

PILATES TEASERtorqf1tbw-14-1

One of the best ab moves on the market. As far as abs go, it provides one of the best burns out there. The Teaser is a very challenging move that involves abdominal strength, core strength, balance, and coordination, recruiting transverse abdominis, external and internal obliques, more efficiently than any other abdominal exercise.

Master It (simplified)

  1. Start lying down face up, legs extended out on diagonally and arms long behind the head. Make sure your lower back is rolled back slightly onto your mat.
  2. Take a big breath in through your nose and roll your upper body up one vertebra at a time, reaching arms long towards toes.
  3. On the same long inhale, reach arms towards ears, forming a V-shape with your body.
  4. Sequentially your roll body down, one vertebra at a time while exhaling through your mouth, and legs remain in the air. Arms return to starting position.

Repeat 5-8 times.


HIGH KNEEStorqf1tbw-19

High Knees gets the heart pumping and the lungs and legs burning. I love it because just about anyone can do it, and it helps lower-body speed, power, and flexibility. Get those knees moving!

Master It

Run in place, drive your knees up, and pump those arms! That’s a lot of effort. Work on 30-second intervals.



Jump lunges incorporate large muscles and lots of energy, thus making them big calorie burners! As a bonus, they build power strength and endurance in the legs.

Master it

  1. Begin in a lunge position.
  2. Jump up and quickly switch leg positions in air, while keeping your body straight.
  3. Raise your hands to gain height.
  4. Land in the lunge position, bending your knees to absorb the impact.
  5. Go straight into the next jump, switching your feet once more and landing in your original position.

For maximum effect, try six sets of 30 seconds.

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